Friday, April 2, 2021

Restored £60 ZX Spectrum

Bought on eBay 2019, and restored early last year (2020) sometime, this little zx spectrum's life had been a hard one.

It became even harder when I applied my inexperienced cag-handedness to the situation. Believe me, don't practice soldering on something this age.. it's just too delicate!

It was the first one I'd ever done, and was a huge learning curve. Since it was so long ago, and I have pretty much forgotten everything I had to do to figure out what was wrong with it, I'm recording the bill of work done to it here for posterity.

Model: ZX Spectrum 48k

Board: issue 3B

  • Replaced the ULA with retroleum Nebula
  • All lower memory socketed 
  • Broken traces fixed damaged when I removed the lower ram
  • Two PCB through holes fixed damaged whilst removing the lower ram
  • Recapped
  • Traco 5v switching regulator (can't remember the amps)
  • Composite mod added
  • Replacement face plate
  • Retouched logo

These  ZX Spectrum boards really are a piece of artwork to my mind, and the black caps and black nebula board only add to the beauty.

I hope you agree!

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